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Magnum Group Ltd

In the changing world of logistics supply, Magnum Group have invested in all of the key elements required to offer the complete multimodal Logistics package.

We operate our own warehouse units, we run our own vehicles and we have offices staffed by experienced logistics providers. When you pick up the phone or email Magnum, the person you deal with is an expert.

Group Strengths

Our Felixstowe, Basildon and Immingham offices take care of the Sea and Road Freight and our office in Hounslow deals with our worldwide Airfreight services.

From inception we have continually strived for stability and a sustained record of growth, based on our philosophy of long term solid internal investment, we believe our core strengths to this day remain those of flexibility, reliability and integrity and this has allowed us to grow into a market leader in the field of both International and domestic logistics.

Magnum Services